08 December 2012

31 single california

starting over at 31. in a new city. single. didn't think things through before turning down amsterdam. but that is the story of my life- do and think later. do and learn by doing. k has always called me scrappy, saying i can make something out of nothing, that i have fight in me. i always survive.

i'm beginning to understand los angeles. mostly driving home on the 10 late at night. l.a. has wide arms, embraces you geographically. new york city towers over, looks down at you but los angeles can be traversed, though some days at a snail's pace. it's accessible- you can dream big here.

i've never been about winning. i don't understand fame for the sake of it. which isn't to say i don't want to make a mark. it may be with a book. or photographs. or children. i haven't decided yet and l.a. can make you feel like you never have to decide. there is too much space here, for success or failure. definitely enough distraction for failure.

nine months and counting. i would like to land somewhere and stay put. i'd like to have a reason to stay. i wish the city could be enough, the way nyc is sometimes enough. all you have to do is stand on a sidewalk in manhattan, downtown, at night. it's enough. stand on a sidewalk in los angeles and all you feel is the cars, driving by, on their way to someplace you're not going.

21 February 2012

18 February 2012

eric shaw

i am waiting for you in the kitchen.
hidden in white ceramic tiles,
and tea cups.
god, i hate
being so invisible.

i spin around in your bedroom.
i make the bed.
i take a shower and get real clean and
wait for you to come home.

looking at a calendar trying to figure out
which month it is, which month it was.
the weather is so ordinary in your life.
you're not warm, you're not cold.
you're just dying,
which is not something you want,
but is not something you don't want either.

13 March 2010

karla spetic

i've been all about pastel color palettes and prints lately so i was so excited to come across this australian designer, karla spetic. i especially love the collaboration pieces with illustrator caitlin quiet. enjoy!

11 January 2010

08 December 2009

customer in persephone vintage wedding dress

my customer clara looks beautiful in her vintage wedding dress from persephone vintage! it makes me so happy to see an item on a customer. they married in an elopement-type wedding.

05 December 2009

hemingway's home and key west

i'm not much for holidays but this year, i spent thanksgiving weekend in key west. i visited hemingway's home for the second time. it's not an extravagant home, though large for it's time. there are lush gardens all around the estate. there is always a breeze on his wraparound balcony because of the tall foliage surrounding the house. lazy six-toed cats slither around the estate, sleeping in the shade, hiding in corner nooks. there is something i truly love about old homes (as i do old clothes!) - they have character and idiosyncratic details that are particular to that individual home. (not like mass-made drywall mcmansions built nowadays.)

if you ever have a chance to visit, be sure to take the tour. he died tragically but you can tell he lived a full life.

20 November 2009

09 November 2009

talent on etsy

there is a lot of talent on etsy. it's hard to find through all the craft project-type pieces. gemma degara has beautiful pieces for sale on etsy and now, also on pixie market!

on etsy:

on pixie market:

06 November 2009


i hate when things break. 

like heels. 
and cameras. 
and hearts.