09 September 2009

everyone i know is getting married. and having children. i'm at that age. i prefer nice furniture to going out. good food to fitting into that amazing dress.

i sometimes mention kids to him, to gauge what he thinks. but in reality, it's not what i want. not now. i watch my close friends lose themselves to babies. and i think, i am too attached to myself to let go of myself. not yet.

we are children, all of us, until we bear our own. i want too much to give anything up yet. and so this is what i am - l'enfant terrible.


  1. could you tell me what editorial you got the middle photo out of? would love to know the designer of the floral blouse, if you can help in any way...

  2. ack- don't know what editorial this is from. i'm guessing an italian mag. i will try to find out and let you know!