05 December 2009

hemingway's home and key west

i'm not much for holidays but this year, i spent thanksgiving weekend in key west. i visited hemingway's home for the second time. it's not an extravagant home, though large for it's time. there are lush gardens all around the estate. there is always a breeze on his wraparound balcony because of the tall foliage surrounding the house. lazy six-toed cats slither around the estate, sleeping in the shade, hiding in corner nooks. there is something i truly love about old homes (as i do old clothes!) - they have character and idiosyncratic details that are particular to that individual home. (not like mass-made drywall mcmansions built nowadays.)

if you ever have a chance to visit, be sure to take the tour. he died tragically but you can tell he lived a full life.


  1. im so jealous! i would love to visit his home there. did you see the cats?

  2. yeah, they were all over the place. inside, outside, on beds, under tables, in the grass, on the tiles. they were like a part of the home!

  3. this is such a beautiful home. gorgeous. i'd love to visit soon.